Bahrain’s Ports Automated Portal

As part of the Ports Affairs' initiative towards achieving MTT’s goal of simplifying customer oriented port procedures through a fully-automated portal (Marasi). Hence, establishing higher levels of convenience and access to the port community of the Kingdom of Bahrain.To this end, Marasi a fully automated portal has been developed and is scheduled to launch shortly.Marasi is established to facilitate an easy access to different port services to customers, which include licensing, handling charges, ship movements, etc. In addition, to automated notifications system, this notifies PMA customers via e-mails or SMS. All procedures and applications will completed electronically, with an integrated financial system. 

  • 7,581Total Aircraft Movement, May 2018
  • 666,077Total Passengers, May 2018
  • 20,956Total Cargo and Mail, May 2018
  • 36,000Daily average ridership, April 2017
  • 22,414,514Total Passengers (Feb 2015-Apr 2017)
  • 103,745General Cargo, March 2018
  • 36,386Container Throughput, March 2018
  • 97Total Vessels, March 2018
  • 99Percent Mobile network coverage
  • 57Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network
  • 90Percent of businesses passed by fiber-optic broadband network