Bahrain Aeronautical Information Management System

The second phase of this project relies on the latest technology in the field of publication of navigational information and made available to users of the Bahrain International Airport and the Bahrain airspace within the Bahrain FIR. This is in addition to the Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System (IFPS) for use at the regional level to support the implementation of air traffic flow management system in the future and the establishment of a regional center in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East Region. It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the IFPS would serve the flow of international air traffic between the Middle East Region and other adjacent regions.  

  • 8,557Total Aircraft Movement, April 2017
  • 794,760Total Passengers, April 2017
  • 22,992Total Cargo and Mail, April 2017
  • 36,003Daily average ridership, December 2016
  • 18,266,871Total Passengers (Jan-Dec 2016)
  • 55,066General Cargo, April 2017
  • 31,805Container Throughput, April 2017
  • 79Total Vessels, April 2017
  • 99Percent Mobile network coverage
  • 57Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network
  • 90Percent of businesses passed by fiber-optic broadband network