Laws and Regulations

As the governing body overseeing all aspects of aviation, the CAA is mandated to sets laws, regulations, and guidelines for the conduct of all aviation operations as well as ensuring compliance with international conventions, treaties, and standard.

Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) - Volume 1

Regulations Description
Part 1 Definitions and abbreviations
Part 2 Licensing regulations

General Regulations - ANTR Part II

Medical - Flight Crew (ANTR-FCL3)

Flight Crew - Aeroplane (ANTR-FCL1)

Flight Crew - Helicopter (ANTR-FCL2)

Flight Crew - Flight Engineer (ANTR-FCL4)

Flight Crew - Powered Lift

Flight Crew - Free Balloon

Flight Crew - Airship

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (ANTR 66)

Flight Dispatcher 

Part 3 General Regulation
Part 4 Operational regulations

Operations - Aeroplane (ANTR-OPS1)

Operations - Helicopter (ANTR-OPS3)

Flight Synthetic Training Devices - ANTR FSTD A (Aeroplane)

Flight Synthetic Training Devices - ANTR FSTD H (Helicopter)

Part 5

Airworthiness regulations

General Regulations

ANTR 145 - Approved Maintenance Organisations

ANTR 147 - Approved Maintenance Training Organisations

ANTR M - Continuing Airworthiness

ANTR 21 - Certification of Aircraft and Related Products, Parts, and Applicances and of Design and Production Organisations

Part 6 Aircraft accident and incident investigation
  Revision status
Prohibited Items A comprehensive list of all the items that can/cannot be taken on board a flight.


Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) - Volume 2

Regulations Description
ANTR/VOL II-PART 17 Security
ANTR/VOL II-PART 18 Dangerous Goods
ANTR.VOL II-PART 9 Facilitation


Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) - Volume 3

Regulations Description
ANTR Vol III Part 3 Meteorological Services for Air Navigation
ANTR Vol III Part 4 Aeronautical Charts
ANTR Vol III Part 5 Units of Measurement to be Used in Air and Ground Operations
ANTR Vol III Part 10 Aeronautical Telecommunications - Communication Procedures
ANTR Vol III Part 11 Air Traffic Services
ANTR Vol III Part 12 Search and Rescue
ANTR Vol III Part 14-2


Application for the grant of a Helicopter Landing Area Certificate

ANTR Vol III Part 15 Aeronautical Information Services
ANTR Vol III Part 16 Environmental Protection
ANTR Vol III Part 19 Safety Management


Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) - Volume 4

Regulations Description
ANTR IV Part 14 Aerodromes


Other Regulations

Regulations Description
Civil Aviation Regulations/Orders

These Regulations/Orders underpin the requirements for certification of various aviation-related activities within the Kingdom: 

CAR001 Aerodrome Standard & Certification Regulations 

CAR002 Aviation Security Service Provider Regulations

CAR003 Air Navigation Service Provider Certification and Standards Regulations  

CAR004 Helicopter Landing Area Stands and Certification Regulations

CAR005 Meteorological Service Provider Certification Regulations 

State Safety Program (SSP) The SSP is a nation-wide program that underpins the management of aviation safety and continues to seek improvements in safety performance. It describes the current safety performance of the Bahraini aviation system and outlines the specific strategies and actions the CAA will be taking to achieve a continuous improvement in aviation safety. This SSP has been developed using the ICAO SSP framework within Annex 19 and guidance material, including the ICAO SSP gap analysis document to create an Implementation Plan. It has been adopted as a matter of policy by H.E. the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications since 2015.
Aerodrome Standards and Certification Regulations Specifies the criteria applied by the Certification Authority on any organisation desiring to operate an aerodrome in the Kingdom of Bahrain serving international civil aviation and for which an aerodrome certificate is required.
Aerodrome Certification Manual Provides guidance to CAA staff engaged in Certification of Aerodromes and the enforcement of the Aerodrome Standards and Certification Regulations.
General Regulations and Requirements Provides a list of pre-requisites and information required from aircraft operators landing or flying over/into Bahrain's air space territory.
Scheduled Flights Regulations Provides a list of pre-requisites required for the operation of regular international flights scheduled into Bahrain by foreign airlines.
Aeronautical Charge and Exemptions Includes charging fees and exemptions for landing, parking, en-route, and freight operations.
Visual Aids for Denoting Obstacles A guideline with recommendations on how to mark/light objects and structures.
Prohibited Items A comprehensive list of all the items that can/cannot be taken on board a flight.

Civil Aviation Publication (CAP)

A comprehensive publication that provides guidance material and policies for the safe conduct of aircraft operations.

  Revision Status
CAP 01 Air Operator Certification
CAP 02 Dangerous Goods
CAP 03 Maintenance Certification
CAP 05 Occurrence Reporting
CAP 06 Leasing and Charter Arrangements
CAP 07 Electronic Flight Bag
CAP 08 Safety Management
CAP 09 Personnel Licensing
CAP 10 Designated Examiner
VOL. 1: PBN Technology
VOL. 2: PBN Operational Approval
VOL. 3: PBN Specification Job Aids
CAP 12 Reserved
CAP 13 Reserved
CAP 14 Reserved
CAP 15 Reserved
CAP 16 Registration of Aircraft
CAP 17 Voluntary Reporting Programme
CAP 18 Schedule of Charges Aeronautical Licensing Directorate
CAP 19 Prevention of Substance Abuse
CAP 20 Advanced Qualification Programme
CAP 21 Examinations
CAP 22 Authorised Medical Examiner
CAP 23 Flight Synthetic Training Devices
CAP 24 Cabin Crew
CAP 25 Maintenance Programmes
CAP 26 Flight Dispatcher
CAP 29 Permit to Fly
CAP 30 Modifications and Repairs
CAP 31 Aircraft Parts Authenticity
CAP 32 MEL Policy and Procedures Manual
CAP 33 Head-Up Displays (HUD) and Enhanced Vision Systems
CAP 100 Guidance for Instrument Flight Procedure Designer Approval
CAP 101 Criteria and Associated Guidelines Regulating Use of Pavements by Aircraft With An ACN Higher than the Reported PCN.
CAP 102 Calculation of Declared Distances
CAP 103 Friction Testing and Maintenance of Paved Runway Surfaces
CAP 104 Aeronautical Studies & Safety Risk Assessment
CAP 105 Guidance Material for Ensuring Aerodrome Operators take corrective action with any internal or external agency to shield non-aeronautical ground lights or a Laser emitter near the aerodrome which may endanger the safety of aircraft
CAP 106 Guidance on Frangibility Requirements on Installations in Aerodrome Operational Areas
CAP 107 Aerodrome Inspection Programme and Condition Reporting
CAP 108 Human factors Principle for Aerodrome Emergency Plan

Operation Instructions and Directives

Document Description
Operation Instruction 01/15

Operation of the Backup Runway

Notification of Accident and Incident  Procedure

Dispensation Directive to Deviate from Regulations 

Operation Instruction 03/16 Prohibition on use/carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone on Gulf Air aircraft 
Operation Instruction 04/16 Prohibition on use/carriage of Samsung Galaxy Not
Operational Instruction 01/17 Carriage and Use of Transponders by Vehicles at BIA
Aviation Security Directive 02- July 2017 Access Control of Airside vehicles 
Aviation Security Directive 03-7/2017 CCTV Feeds
AVSEC DIR 04-01-17 Flights To and From the State of Qatar
Aviation Security Directive (s) 04-02/2017 Indirect air transport access to/from Qatar for Passenger, Baggage, Cargo and Mail
Aviation Security Directive (05) Information Control
Aviation Safety & Security Directive 1/17 Operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Aviation Safety & Security Directive 2/17 Oversight of Service Provider
Operation Instruction 03/17 Stakeholder Review of Information Published Via MTT Website


Aeronautical Circulars

Document Description
AC/GEN/03/2015 CAR003 Initial Issue
AC/GEN/01/2016 Creation of Air Navigation Technical Regulation Volume II Part 18 
AC/GEN/02/2016 Creation of Civil Aviation Regulation 004, Helicopter Landing Area Standards and Certification Regulations 
- CAR004
AC/GEN/03/2016 Amendment of Air Navigation Technical Regulation Volume III Part 19 
AC/GEN/04/2016 Creation of Civil Aviation Regulation 006, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulations 

Amendment of Civil Aviation Publication 08 Safety Management

ANTR Vol III PART 19 Safety - Version 2
CAP08 Revision


Creation of Air Navigation Technical Regulation Volume II Part 17 Security



Aeronautical Circular for Redrafting of Civil Aviation Regulation 006, Unmanned Vehicle Regulations

Civil Aviation Regulation 006 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulation

AC/ALD•OPS/01/2016 – Rev. 1 Prohibition on Operations into Baghdad Flight Information Region
AC/ALD-GEN/03/2016 Air Navigation Technical Regulations Amendement (ANTR Vol 1 - Flight Safety Part III Revision 1 dated 31 August 2016)
AC/ALD-ASR/01/2016 Aeronautical Circular on Fire Hazards Associated with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Devices
AC-ALD-ASR-01R-2016 Safety Precautions Regarding the Transport by Air of Damaged, Defective or Recalled Lithium Batteries
AC/ALD-GEN/04/2016 Air Navigation Technical Regulation Amendment (ANTR Volume 1 -  Flight Safety)
AC/ALD.GEN/05/2016 Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) Amendment – Parts I & II NPA
AC/ALD.GEN/06/2016 Aeronautical Circular – : Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) Amendment (Part IV OPS 1 Subpart K - NPA)
AC/ALD.GEN/07/2016 Air Navigation Technical Regulations Amendments – Parts I & IV-OPS1e 7 mobile phone within Bahrain International Airport (BIA) or on board aircraft
AC/GEN/01/2017 Creating od Air Navigation Technical Regulation Volume II Part 9 Facilitation
AC/ALD•GEN/01/2017 Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) Amendments – ANTR Vol. 1 Flight Safety - Parts I, II and IV.
AC/ALD•GEN/03/2017   Reporting & Compliance of SAFA Findings by Bahraini Aircraft Owners & Air Operators
AC/ALD•LIC/01/2017   Maintaining Qualification Requirements for Continued Validity of Pilot Licences
AC/OPS/02/17 Security Directive 04-01-012 Flights to and from the State of Qatar
AC/OPS/05/2015 Airborne Collision  Avoidance System (ACAS)
AC/ALD•GEN/05/2017 Performance Based Communication and Performance Based Surveillance (PBCS)
AC/ALD•GEN/07/2017 Air Navigation Technical Regulations Corrigendum No. 1

Aeronautical circular with regards to the Air Navigation Technical Regulation Volume II Part 17 Security update

ANTR Volume II Part 17 Security – amended version

AC/ALD-AIR/01/2017 Audit Requirements for continuation of Approval of Foreign Line Maintenance Organisations
AC/ALD•GEN/08/2017 Adoption of the Amendment to Annex 6 Part I Relating to Halon Replacement
AC/ALD•GEN/09/2017 Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) Amendments - Parts I and IV-OPS 1 NPA
AC/ALD•GEN/05/2018 Air Navigation Technical Regulations (ANTR) OPS 1.135 additional information and forms to be carried
AC/ALD.GEN/06/2018 Eastern Mediterranean/Nicosia FIR
Document Description
Policies Just Culture Policy
Aviation Safety Policy
Civil Aviation Policy
Dispensation Application Applications for Dispensation to deviate from Regulations shall only be received via submission of the form available from the link in this section.
- 19 ASSD-OF-19-AANR Dispensation Request
- ASD-BP-3.1.4  Issue 1 - Rev .0 - Dispensation Request Process- 15-03-2016 (4) uncontolled
- OI 03-16 dispensation

Submission of Mandatory Reports is possible via the following 

Submission of Voluntary Reports on any aviation related safety or security matter is possible via the following links (anonymously if required) 

With password: 

to report incident : 

Aeronautical Charge and Exemptions Includes charging fees and exemptions for landing, parking, en-route, and freight operations.
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  • 714,509Total Passengers, April 2018
  • 20,177Total Cargo and Mail, April 2018
  • 36,000Daily average ridership, April 2017
  • 22,414,514Total Passengers (Feb 2015-Apr 2017)
  • 103,745General Cargo, March 2018
  • 36,386Container Throughput, March 2018
  • 97Total Vessels, March 2018
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  • 57Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network
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