Public Buses

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications aims to provide an effective, efficient and attractive public transport to all the citizens and residents in Bahrain.

With that goal in mind, the Ministry developed a strategic plan to provide this high quality public transportation service. The improved Public Transport increased the coverage area, and provides bus riders with greater levels of frequency and reliability. It is planned that with this high quality service and adherence to high operating standards , that Public Transport will be a viable alternative to the private car.

As part of the strategical plan of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, the Ministry has planned for the provision of a new bus fleet with high-tech facilities and improvements, making the public transport service accessible to a wider section of the population including riders with special needs. The Ministry is also implementing upgrades to all the required supporting infrastructure, such as bus shelters and main bus stations as part of the revamp. As the relevant infrastructure is further developed, passengers will also be able to access passenger information systems that will provide them with up-to-date information for their specific trip.

One of the key milestones accomplished by the Ministry is the appointment of a new Operator ( Bahrain Public Transport Company (BPTC)), which has started the transitional phase of its operations on 15 February 2015. The new Operator will be required to adhere to strict Operational Standards and Quality of Service and the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications aims to put in place strict monitoring and enforcement processes in order to improve the levels of service and guarantee a better rider experience for its customers.

  • 8,665Total Aircraft Movement, Aug 2018
  • 963,611Total Passengers, Aug 2018
  • 17,774Total Cargo and Mail, Aug 2018
  • 911,874Daily average ridership, Aug 2018
  • 36,844,267Total Passengers (Feb 2015-Aug 2018)
  • 111,843General Cargo, July 2018
  • 38,432Container Throughput, July 2018
  • 61Total Vessels, July 2018
  • 99Percent Mobile network coverage
  • 57Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network
  • 90Percent of businesses passed by fiber-optic broadband network