Universal Postal Union Regional Coordinator’s Visit

Implementation of International Monitoring System (RFID) project, phase II, and Hand-Held Devices Project, Phase III

9th March 2016

His Excellency Al Shadili Al Mokhtar; UPU’s Regional Coordinator paid a visit to Bahrain Post in the framework of enhancing postal services in collaboration with the UPU, and to follow up the progress of international postal communications project (international parcels follow up). The Regional Coordinator’s visit is part of the periodic visits schedule set by UPU which aims at following up the projects to be implemented and agreed upon with Arab state members. 

In addition, Mr Al Mokhtar’s visit will mark the implementation of International Monitoring System (RFID) project, phase II, and Hand-Held Devices Project, Phase III. In the course of his visit to Bahrain, Mr. Al Mokhtar met HE Sheikh Bader Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa; the Assistant Undersecretary of Bahrain Post, Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunications who, in his turn, briefed the UPU’s coordinator on the reports submitted by Arab countries on postal service and quality. 

“In implementing Phase II of the International Monitoring System (RFID) project, installation will initially take place at Bahrain International Airport, and then to be followed at the postal offices across the Kingdom”, HE. Sheikh Bader stated following his meeting with H.E Al Shadili Al Mokhtar; UPU’s Regional Coordinator. On the implementation of the Hand-Held Devices project, Phase III, HE highlighted that as soon as 70 devices became operational, the pace of postal delivery has increased significantly. “It is our hope to receive up to 105 devices to cover all postmen across all postal offices which will ensure enhancing the operational efficiency and performance,” he added. 

During his 3-day visit to Bahrain, the UPU’s regional coordinator made field visits to various postal sectors, facilities and international postal exchange service centers. He was also briefed on the progress achieved in the postal service in the wake of rolling out the hand-held devices, which was a milestone in the improvement of postal and non-postal services at large. In this respect, despite the formidable challenges encountering postal authorities all over the globe, let alone the tough competition of the private sector, Bahrain Post made a record high achievement in a short span of time.

When his visit drew to its end, H.E Al Mokhtar voiced his satisfaction for the smooth delivery of postal services, and commended their quality and efficiency. He also affirmed that UPU will render unwavering support to the vital projects pursued by Bahrain Post in a bid to reach the approved world quality index.

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