Bahrain Logistics Zone

The BLZ was launched in 2008 and occupies 100 hectares (ha) of prime real estate close by Khalifa bin Salman Port (KBSP) Bahrain’s newest and biggest port. The Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ) is the region’s first boutique logistics area offering a high quality environment to companies that meet its tenancy requirements.

Operated by Ports and Maritime Affairs (PMA) at the Ministry of Transportation, the BLZ offers local, regional and international companies a base to operate in a bonded area to take advantage of Bahrain’s highly advantageous position to cater to the Northern Gulf market and to access GCC markets quickly and economically.

While logistics firms are the favoured candidates, the BLZ also welcomes retailers and distributors. Typical favoured logistics activities include component assembly, labelling, packaging and re-packaging and mixing, weighing and filling, kitting and palletizing, and testing and repair.