Expansion of Bahrain AIM Systems to accommodate GCC IFPS Zone

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs Kicked-off the Expansion of Bahrain Aeronautical Information Management Systems Project to host and accommodate the GCC states flight plans as a fundamental sub-regional project that will eventually expand to cover the MID Region states. The execution of this project is a confirmation of the superiority and the efficiency of the Kingdom of Bahrain on a regional and a global level. The prime purpose of this project is to adequately manage the region`s flight plans in line with the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan to match the Advanced Global Avionic technologies, hence, accommodate the present and future growth of traffic in the most efficient and system interoperable manner.

Latest Development: A contract was signed with Indra Avitech GmbH in the 4th Quarter 2018, the project is currently in the final stages as the activation and completion is scheduled in Q4 2022

Last Updated Date:23-05-2022

  • 40,544Total Aircraft Movement in FIR , Oct 2022
  • 651,925Total Passengers, Oct 2022
  • 16,915Total Cargo and Mail, Oct 2022
  • 32,279Monthly Ridership, Oct 2022
  • 75,549,035Total Passengers (Feb 2015 – Oct 2022)
  • 13,281General Cargo, Oct 2022
  • 31,424Container Throughput, Oct 2022
  • 72Total Vessels, Oct 2022
  • 100Percentage of Population covered by 5G Network (2022)
  • 83Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network (2022)
  • 100Percent of businesses passed by fiber-optic broadband network (2022)



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